The story of Weird Enough Productions began in 2014, when a group of creative professionals could not help but notice the lack of representation for people of color in mainstream media.  We grew tired of the lack of diversity, and decided to take action and fix this problem themselves. Our team and the educators who use our tools are passionate about positive social impact in our communities by educating youth about the power of misrepresentation in media, and giving them the tools to think critically and creatively , this weird team of creative thinkers have come together to change the world, one episode - one classroom at a time. 


Our tools and content combat media misrepresentation by creating positive images of people of color and educating people about media literacy. 


Our creativity and dedication to social impact allow us to create “Content with a conscience.” An artistic activism that not only entertains but also informs.

By using innovative ideas, we create diverse content and bring information about media literacy to the communities that need it most.


Tony Weaver Jr

Founder  & President

Geneva Benton

Kameron Bond



As long as you’re pursuing your personal truth, you’re never too weird—you’re just Weird Enough



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