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We're a diverse group of artists and educators using media to help everyone embrace their inner hero. 

By using media content to change hearts, and media literacy education to change minds, we will turn the media landscape into the largest tool for positivity in the history of mankind. 


Our Content

We think media content is one of the most powerful tools for social change in the history of mankind. We use original content to challenge stereotypes and explore new perspectives. 



Media Literacy Education

Fake News? No problem. Using established research and real life examples, we turn middle and high school students into media literacy superheroes. 



Our Team

“Just like our country, we’re young, scrappy, and hungry.”

Weird Enough Productions was started in 2014 after it’s founder won $500 dollars from a pitch competition and had a vision to use media to bring people together. Since then, Weird Enough has grown into a coalition of young artists working to change the world in a way that’s not normal, but just Weird Enough.


Our Supporters